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About Cheryl Sindell Global NutritionistCheryl Sindell is a credentialed Global Nutritionist who travels the world in search of the best of the best nutritional wisdom and items to assist people in losing weight, keeping it off and even changing their lives. She is also the creator and executive producer of a sexy, sensual and informative Reality TV show. What’s more, Cheryl is an author, yoga instructor, chef and restaurant consultant.

To share what she has learned, Cheryl has made appearances on NBC, ABC, CBS, Food Network, QVC, PBS, Lifetime TV, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, and Health Network. She’s been a guest on programs including The Other Half, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Good Day LA, Home Matters, QVC, New Attitudes, Newsmakers, Connie Martinson Talks Books, Body by Jake: Healthy Lifetime Solutions, Smart Solutions, ABC-TV Eyewitness News, NBC News, KTLA Morning News, FOX News, AM Los Angeles, and Mid-Morning LA, to name a few.

Cheryl says, “delicious dishes—like successful relationships—are more about creativity and compatibility than rules or recipes,” so Cooking Without Recipes, her second book, provided the fundamental premise for her upcoming TV show.

Cheryl is also the author of NOT “Just A Salad”. And because seventy percent of her clients have lost 5 to 40 percent of their body weight and kept the weight off for five years or more by making small changes they can sustain over time, Cheryl is in the process of publishing her third book. Her focus is to stimulate a mass collective awakening to impact the overweight epidemic by turning eating into the spiritual practice it is.

Cheryl attributes her successful career in the media to being in the right place at the right time. Just out of UCLA, she became a Nutrition Counselor for Beverly Glen Hospital in Los Angeles. Fred Anderson, the newscaster from ABC Eyewitness News, was one of her first clients. Under Cheryl’s care, Fred’s—weight loss results were so remarkable and his health improved so dramatically—that he asked Cheryl to be his on-air guest. George Sherwin, the station manager, saw their segment, and the next day offered Cheryl the position of being the first Nutritional Newscaster for Eyewitness News.

One of Fred’s buddies, Elmer Dills, from KABC TALKRADIO, became a client of Cheryl’s too, and after Elmer had equally good results, he hosted Cheryl on his Dining Out radio program. The authentic chemistry between Elmer and his love of fatty, juicy steaks and Cheryl’s passion for delicious, healthy food lit up the board with callers. Wally Green, the station manager, was listening and shortly after, Cheryl Sindell became the host of her own talk show on KABC TALKRADIO, providing her with a 12-year run in both radio and TV in Los Angeles. During that time, Cheryl’s healthy dining-out book, Not Just A Salad, was released nationally. It shows how we can eat out while staying on a healthy diet that promotes our optimal health and ideal weight. The world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck wrote its foreword.

Spend intimate time with Cheryl and you’ll understand why her dharma is to share her own vitality-infused relationship to food and cooking with the world. Cheryl’s interest in good nutrition began during a life-threatening battle with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)—a neurological illness—that paralyzed her arms and legs. After being a quadriplegic for four years, Cheryl learned to respect her body’s inherent wisdom.

Lifetime television taped a segment about Cheryl’s battle with Guillain-Barré Syndrome for “Beyond Chance” that has aired six times so far. “My journey from victim to victor ultimately turned into my most empowering gifts, so my hope in sharing my story is to encourage others to tune into their body wisdom.” Cheryl’s message . . . “Whether you want to cook a delicious meal, lose weight, or find true love… Your body is your guide!

As a Licensed Nutritionist, Cheryl holds a Master’s degree in Education as well as a Lifetime Teaching Credential from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). In addition, she holds certification degrees in Ayurveda, Journalism, and Council—the practice of listening and speaking from the heart. She is a life-long student of the Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism and Science of Mind. Professional affiliations include The Center for Science in the Public Interest; American Film, Television, and Radio Association; The Screen Actors Guild; the Culinary Guild of Southern California; and the National Speakers Association.

(TV demos are available upon request).

Cheryl Sindell, M.A., Global Nutritionist is available for radio and television interviews, restaurant consulting, speaking engagements, satellite media tours and counseling. She will consider representing healthy products and was the spokesperson for Sultan Inc.’s Juiceman, White Wave’s Silk Milk, and Proctor & Gamble’s Veggie Wash.

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